Advance Team

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Advance Team

Gordon Moore in Extremadura

In November 1999 Southwest Baptist Church of DeSoto, Texas sent  their Minister of Music, Gordon Moore to represent their church and city.  

Gordon is one of  <This link's target cannot be found>  who was in Spain on the <This link's target cannot be found>.  He announced to five mayors the planned tour with his own team Los Cantores de Dallas who will be in Extremadura March 12-20, 2000.
Advance team with Mayor Acedo of Mérida

The Advance Team also included David Rogers and David Borgan.  They were received cordially by all five city halls and personally met three mayors during the one week visit.   As a result Gordon's group the Cantores de Dallas  and the Mayor of Desoto will be received officially in all five cities:


Gordon and David with Mayor Celdrán of Badajoz