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David was born in Chicago, Illinois and has lived all over the world including:
St. Louis, Missouri
San Antonio, Texas
Lubbock Texas
San Francisco, California
Jacksonville, Florida
Charleston, South Carolina
Lawton, Oklahoma
Bremen, West Germany (where he first met Joy)
Devon, England
Fort Worth, Texas
Grady, Arkansas
Vienna, Austria
Mineral Wells, Texas
El Puerto de Sta. Maria, Spain
Cáceres, Spain
Carvoeiro, Portugal
Ferragudo, Portugal

Despite all these many homes, he has lived more time in Texas and consideres that his home state.

David is a certified scuba diver and also enjoys downhill skiing.  He speaks English (with a Texas accent) and German and Spanish (also with a Texas accent)

The photo with Joy was taken in the summer of 2001 on the Azure Coast of France.