Joy's message
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Joy's message
The Lord took my mother home to be with Him (Jan 3).  I cannot be sorry for her as she was ready to meet Him and in some ways wanting to go.  She said she felt like she had one foot in this life and one in the next.  Now she has both feet in the next and they are feet that can move freely and walk and run- things she hadn't been able to do for a long time.  So for her I am really happy that she is no longer in pain and discomfort, totally dependent on others to do everything for her, but rather she is free and truly praising the Lord as she sees Him face to face.  What a joy for her!!  Yet I must admit I miss her tremendously, for she has a unique place in my heart and life.  I am thankful for every moment the Lord gave us together.

Her funeral service on January 8th was unlike any I had ever attended.  I never expected to be able to sing the beautiful hymns she had chosen.  But the Lord gave me such a strength and a joy in him that surpassed my understanding.  Many others felt the same.  He truly took the sting out of death and helped us to see beyond it to the wonderful things the Father has in store for those who love Him.  The service was truly a thanksgiving time to God for my mum's life.  Her favourite verses in Philippians 4 :4-19, which tell us to rejoice in the Lord and to be anxious for nothing, were read and illustrated in her life.  What an inspiration she has been to so many!  My brother sang a beautiful song that he had written about my mum- how she was always singing and always smiling- it was so true and touched
many people's hearts.

I would like to share with you a beautiful poem that a friend sent us:

Death?- or Life

Oh think, to step on a shore
And that shore HEAVEN
To take hold of a hand
And that hand God's hand,
To breathe new air,
And find it celestial air,
Oh think, to pass from storm and tempest  
To one unbroken calm-
To wake up and find it GLORY
Oh never call her dead,
This buoyant one and free,
She who was feeble, weak and shackled to her bed,
Now climbs eternal hills with light and easy tread.
She bows in speechless wonder before the feet of Him,
Whom seeing not she loved
While yet her sight was dim.

Thank you so much to each of you who has written or called with such caring love and concern.  Thank you for all your prayers throughout this difficult time.  Please continue to pray for my Dad as he adjusts to living alone after almost 53 years of marriage.

God bless you all,

With love and thankfulness,