"Mum" by Paul Edwards
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"Mum" by Paul Edwards
Mum, you always had a lovely smile;
When you were a little girl you had that smile;
Even when you were in pain you had that smile;
Even when you were dying you tried to smile.

Mum, you always put everyone first;
Even when you were busy you made the time;
Even when you were dying, you thought of us.

You were so brave;
You were so happy;
You were so selfeless.
You were so loving;
Always singing,
Always smiling.

Mum, you are at peace now, free from all that pain.
No one deserved to hurt like you did,
but I know you wouldn't mind.

Mum, you are in heaven now.
You didn't want to leave us, but it was time to go;
Mum I know you always loved us.

We'll miss you ...so...

(original words and music sung by Paul Edwards on guitar)