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Hospitality given to Volunteers
As a sincere expression of their hospitality and goodwill, Spaniards freely provided our volunteers thousands of dollars of worth of facilities, advertizing, publicity, lodging, meals, and transportation.  This chart shows the magnitude of their hospitality and the impact volunteers had upon people all across our region. Venues given to Volunteers  <This link's target cannot be found>

(5 nights)
Catholic Church
Coria Cathedral
St. Mary church
St. Martin church

Theaters: Roman, Badajoz, Cáceres,
Córdoba, Cádiz,
Puerto Int. School
Cathedrals: Coria, Cádiz, Seville
Cáceres Prison
Cáceres University
Mérida Theater
Jerez Theater
Badajoz Theater
Cáceres Auditorio
Cáceres Prison
Barcarrota School
Bullring Cáceres
Municipal pavilion
Aguas Vivas service
Sta. Barbara service
Cáceres Prison
Plaza in Fregenal

Exposition Hall in Fregenal provided by Catholic church.
Coria Cathedral
Cáceres Cathedral

Roman Theater in Mérida
with city Mayors and Bishops
Cáceres mayor welcomed volunteers in city hall officially with full press.
Cáceres mayor and bishop
Trujillo, Cáceres
Coria, Montánchez
Badajoz, Mérida,
Puerto, Cádiz, Seville, Córdoba
Jerez de Caballeros
Cáceres mayor
Fregenal de la Sierra
Cáceres Mayor
Front page color and reports in newspapers, on TV news
Full page newspaper article with the bishop.
Radio interview.
Newspaper articles
Televised concert,  panel discussion, evening news report
Newspaper articles in all cities, radio talk show interview, concert televised.
Front page color and reports in newspapers, radio and TV news
Newspaper articles
Radio interview and coverage
Newspaper articles
Radio interview
paid for by local banks
Posters (color)
Programs (color)
Response Cards
Posters (color)
Programs (color)
Response Cards
Posters (color)
Hand bills (color)
Response Cards
Posters (color)
Brochures (color)
Posters by mayor
Programs by mayor
Tickets --printed & distributed by bank
bank branch offices in eight cities
bank branch offices in five cities
bank branch offices in Cáceres
Meals provided to the group by Spaniards
Official Reception in city hall.
Spanish flamenco fiesta.
Breakfast in hotel.
Special suppers in Trujillo and Coria
Reception & fiesta in Cáceres, Meals in Badajoz, Puerto, Coria, Cádiz, Córdoba
Receptions city hall, university fiesta, flamenco party by Raimundo, Meals in Barcarrota and Jerez.
All meals provided by city for Cowboy Band.  A Flamenco fiesta by Raimundo.
Inaugural banquet for Bible Expo hosted by mayor for everyone who attended.
Spanish banquet and flamenco fiesta by Raimundo.
Lodging and Transportation provided to team by Spaniards
15th Century Palace in medieval city (discounted)
5 Star hotel for nine nights for both Dr. and Mrs. Campbell ($1500)
Cáceres mayor paid food & lodging for 16 leaders for 5 nights ($2000)
University dorm at discounted price. Mayor of Cáceres paid for leaders.
Spaniards host band members in private homes for free.  All band transportation in Spain was provided by the city of Cáceres.
City paid musician honorarium. Bible Society President &  Director also Expo lecturer were lodged in hotels by city.

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