Hope for Street Kids
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Hope for Street Kids
Cáceres City officials asked us to teach the Bible in the Santa Barbara barrio (neighborhood).  Serious social problems and crime in this poorer barrio meant that many of these children came from broken, disfuntional families.  There was not even a Catholic church in the neighborhood when we started weekly classes.  Without Christian teaching and discipleship many of these children will end up in lives of crime.

David and Joy taught weekly Sunday School classes for these children.
The neighborhood association gave us their full support and encouraged the children to attend.
Guadalupe, the Barrio President, serves coffee and refreshements at the weekly class. Joy is with the kids.

Fiesta del Barrio
Each spring the past three years, David organized parties for all the kids in the neighborhood. Christian volunteers and missionaries did clowning, puppets, face painting and led all kinds of games for the kids.

Joy registered about two hundred children each year for the events and their parents and families also came  for the music, Christian testimonies, awards, prizes and free food.
Last year Guadalupe served over 500 free meals, which she and other volunteers in the Santa Barbara association purchased and prepared.  Local business and shops donated soft drinks and prizes for the children.

Children with festive face paint enjoying the program.  Nearly all of these families requested and received Jesus videos and Gospels.