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Our Home
Ferragudo, fishing village, across the Arade river from Portimão

It is only a mile over the old bridge to Portimão  and about two miles to ICF church.  
Portimão, Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve's majestic seascapes and climate make it one of Europe's most popular ftourist destinations.
More than six million visitors take vacations each year in Portugal's southern Algarve coast.

Portimão is the Algarve's second largest harbour town.  Tourism and sardine fishing are the major industries but this traditional fishing town is overwhelmed each year by hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Europe who come for relaxation and retirement.

The Spiritual Need
The vast majority of Europeans do NOT claim to have a personal, "born-again" experience with Jesus Christ (John 3:2-7,16-17). The challenge is to lead many to Christ during their holiday or retirement and to nurture and disciple believers living in the region.  Evangelical Christian churches are small, few and far between in Portugal and Spain.